”The shock of meeting traditional and electronic music. When the ancestral melodies turn to today's world, the metamorphosis takes place.
An album full of sensuality, finesse of the line and power ”


His first self-produced album "Fjall d'Yr Vinur" will launch his career and will update the various musical facets of a still unfinished work : 2004 "Domus", 2007 "Hortus Dei", 2009 "Aux portes de Sananda », 2012« Canticum in the Earth »

In 2013, he took up the challenge of participating in the famous TV Show “The Voice”: despite his elimination after the “live”, he will be one of the prominent figures in season 2, as his 6th album, "Odysseus", which will be a platinum disc - 200,000 copies sold - in a few weeks.
This new fame led him to fill the Olympia in Paris in February 2014, then on tour throughout France with his show "Odysseanima".

In August 2014, "Oreflam" is released, the 7th studio album, with feudal and powerful roots. It will be a gold record, and the tour that followed, whether indoors or in church - In Ecclesia - sold out.

In 2016, it was his 8th album Metamorphosis where the meeting of traditional and electronic music. A great success since this album will also be a gold record. It is also a new artistic direction towards more current sounds, a turn succeeds.

In 2019, his last Alkemyan Tour was a great success with sold out rooms. Alone on stage, he proposed to the public to enter his dream world with an original visual creation.