NEW CONCERT… New horizons for Luc Arbogast with « VIA ANTIKA LIVE« 

In the context you all know (cancellation of concerts), Luc Arbogast offers you a new adventure!

It's a way for him to keep playing, a way for you to support him. 

Luc Arbogast is a unique, authentic artist with incredible talent! After Strasbourg's streets and the gold and platinum records, he lonely returns with his beloved instruments, his exceptional voice, his desire to travel and share his music here and around the world …

Luc Arbogast gets back on track, he will carry the values ​​and traditions of France high, like an ambassador: this is the VIA ANTIKA project.

He will sing for his first concert, Friday June 5 at 9 p.m. in a secret place, in one of the most beautiful villages in France...

And thanks to internet technology, for you and the public around the world : on your phone, tablet or family screen...

As you all know, playing with history has always been a reason for being for Luc. His musical project merges with the roots of history. Luc, like the troubadours of the Middle Ages, travels alone, surrounded by his instruments, within the most beautiful heritage sites of France.

The evening will begin with a presentation of the venue by Luc before the broadcast in Live Streaming and on VOD (delayed) of the concert in a magical place…

In 2021, VIA ANTIKA TOUR will continue with new arrangements, it is a journey that the artist will offer to bring this even closer to his audience. An intimate show, with new creations and covers of his songs. Once again alone on stage, surrounded by his instruments, he will travel, but also travel himself, because now is the time to export his universe beyond borders...

Since February 2020, the artist is supported by Bureau Export - FRENCH MUSIC AROUND THE WORLD

Since 1993, Le Bureau Export has supported the French music industry in the development of its artists internationally, in the field of current music and classical music.
Each year, several hundred projects of all musical styles benefit from its support.

The Export Office assistance system is aimed at French professionals active in export (phonographic producers, producers of shows, publishers, distributors, managers, self-employed artists, artistic agents, independent ensembles) wishing to be supported in their work international development.
The Export Office offers various aids and services: personalized advice, contact with targeted international contacts, market intelligence, participation in professional meetings, promotional support, financial support, etc.

To develop its action, The Export Office relies on a team of 30 employees around the world:

  • an office based in Paris
  • a network of music experts in Berlin (Germany), London (United Kingdom), New York (U.S.A.)
  • 3 regional music officers based in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), Bogota (Colombia) and Singapour.

In 2018, The Export Office had more than 600 professional structures members and users of its services; and more than 400 projects have benefited from its support (advice, networking, logistical support, promotion and / or financial support, etc.).


PRODUCTION & BOOKING (French-speaking part) : Karl OUCHET +33 6 25 46 01 93

BOOKING (International section in English + Italian): Muriel MICLET +33 6 65 71 99 47

ADMINISTRATION : Suzie YANG +33 6 66 27 41 59