Luc Arbogast is a unique, authentic artist with incredible talent! After the streets of Strasbourg and the gold and platinum records, he comes alone with the most expensive, his instruments, his exceptional voice, his desire to travel and share his music here and in the world…

NEW CONCERT … New horizons for The artist. Luc Arbogast gets back on track, he will carry the values and traditions of France high, like an ambassador:

It's the "VIA ANTIKA" project

He will sing for his first concert, Friday June 5 at 9 p.m. in a secret place, in one of the most beautiful villages in France ... And thanks to live technology, for you and the public around the world: on your phone, your tablet or family screen…

You all know that playing at the heart of history is a reason for Luc to have always been. His musical project blends with the roots of history. Luke, like the troubadours of the Middle Ages, travel alone, surrounded by his instruments, within the most beautiful heritage sites of France.

Each evening will begin with a presentation of the location of his concert by Luc before the Live Streaming (live) and VOD (delayed) broadcast of the concert in a magical place… We have planned 6 concerts in unique places for summer 2020.

Autumn 2020 , if all goes well, you will find Luc on tour in France.

459/5000 In 2021, it will be VIA ANTIKA TOUR with new arrangements, it’s a trip that the artist will offer to bring this even closer to his audience. An intimate show, with new creations and covers of his songs. Again alone on stage, surrounded by his instruments, he will travel but also travel himself because it is now time to export his world beyond borders ... (England, Germany ...)


We listen to the projects and ideas of programmers and festival directors for special and unique evenings that we can imagine together as in 2012 in Amsterdam where Luc Arbogast performs “Stella Splendens” accompanied by the Nederlands Blazers orchestra..

But also, in August 2019 during its Alkemya tour with several thousand spectators outside with a pyrotechnic creation on the last musical piece. NB: at the end of this video, you can listen to the reactions of the public right after the concert.