The first overseas trip to commemorate was Hawaii.

I have been to Australia before.

I have been to Australia before. Although it is also the only overseas experience, it was very fresh to touch something different from Japan. It is unknown whether I am in the area I went through or the whole area of ??Australia, but there is a memory that almost no vegetables appeared in meals. Flesh often comes out, but the meat is not a thin one of fluttering, but it is large enough to express as a lump of meat. Of course the meat is Aussie Beef! Just staying for a week, my weight has increased by 5 kg and I have a memory that was hard to return. Also, there were a lot of owner with a wide variety of people, whether it is a vast land. It seemed that I was misunderstood that it would be very easy to live, whether I was relaxed or not, as if there was not a thing of impatience, unlike Japan. Actually, it is natural, but the stress will accumulate. I have experienced the wonderfulness of culture unique to the vast land.

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